Women of consequence to me.

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I want to start sharing the Women (and those who identify as women) who have either been influential to me or who's work I admire. Women who have brought colour and passion to my life and by their example I have been encouraged to strike out of my comfort zone and do what feels right.

Today's list include the women who have helped me to start on the path to self-discovery and self-love. They are creative, funny and a little bit quirky but most of all they are passionate about authenticity and openness.  

Maybe their stories will be meaningful to you in some way. Or maybe you have your own list of women you admire. Take the time to think about them, to cherish them and carry them around with you in your mental pocket to keep you smiling. 

I'd love to hear in the comments about the women of consequence to you so I can expand my own list.


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Pip Lincolne

Pip is really special to me. She has run her Meet Me At Mike's blog and I've read it from the beginning. I visited her adorable little store in Melbourne years ago but didn't have the courage to say hi, which I really regret. She has developed the most incredible space online full of lovely crafts and recipes and thoughts, bookclubs and community programs like the Softies for Mirabel campaign. She has also published a series of books and her transition from crafter to writer and speaker is a huge source of inspiration to me. Pip just exudes kindness, she is vulnerable and real and has the best taste. Can you tell I am a huge fan? You can visit her site here.

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Taryn Brumfitt.

Taryn blew me away with her documentary Embrace. At a time when I was still struggling with self-acceptance, this film and Taryn's message of self-love gave me a wake up call. What is the point of living with self-loathing and fear? Who really cares if you have cellulite or a wobbly belly? I urge you to watch the film on Netflix or iTunes if you haven't yet and it's a wonderful film to share with your daughters.  Taryn is warm and kind and a very strong woman.



I had the privelege of meeting Taryn a year ago when she visited Toronto to promote the film and made her a mini Taryn doll. She loved it. Yay!


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Carrie Fisher.

Well. Obviously there was Carrie Fisher before almost any other woman outside personal relationships because of Star Wars. Here was this fast-talking woman, a spunky and dry yet warm and lovely woman on screen. I was mesmerized and probably more than a little bit in love. Who cared what Luke and Han were up to, give me more Leia! As an adult I grew to appreciate Carrie for her incredible writing. The candid and hilarious way she has embedded her often ridiculous life story into her fictional work. If you haven't read her work I recommend starting at the beginning with Postcards from the Edge. You can also get them on audio with Carrie narrating them. She was just every thing to so many of us.

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Brene Brown.

Brene is a woman I feel like I've known forever and yet I've only recently begun to read her books. I am mostly listening to them when I craft and I've found that I have to keep a notebook beside me so I can write down the bits that explode in my brain. This happens constantly, not much craft happening but my brain is getting a good workout. Brene has done some amazing Ted Talks as well and I've linked to one below. Read her books and find some self-acceptance as you discover that we are all the same if only we would talk about it.


So. That's my list to get you started. If you want to see the rest of my list head to my Pinterest board. Let me know who your role models were growing up, or is serving as a mentor in your adult life. I'd love to hear from you!