Shed inspiration

I managed to get a full coat of paint done inside my shed/studio/workshop/lair over the weekend. That first coat took me a whole afternoon (and my wrist is still complaining about it) and next it's time to attend to minor repairs to the very old windows and then another coat of paint, and then painting the windows and THEN I can put down a floating floor and start putting furniture in and decorate and start using it.

Yay. Double yay. Happy damn dance!

Woah, slow down tiger, there ain't enough hours in the day for all these tasks unless I don't parent or eat or write or bathe for a week or so. Tempting...

Well, until then I am just inhaling images of other people's awesome backyard projects and workspaces and busy pinning up a storm on Pinterest

Here's a sample of what I've been looking at for inspiration. You can find them all and more on my Sheshed Pinterest page.



I know I'm super lucky to have this little shed to call my own but you can carve out any tiny space to work in and make it yours, whether it's a corner of the dining room (been there) or a whole room, or a shed. Put together some ideas on Pinterest and make it your own. 

If you have shared your workspace online link in the comments so I can have a look. I love perving (sorry, looking) at other people's spaces and places.