She sheds, hen huts and lady lairs a-gogo

If you follow me on Instagram (of course you do!) you may have seen my stories about my little shed.


We are blessed with a garage, which can be a rarity in Toronto, but the best thing about it (other than having somewhere to keep our crap and not having to dig the car out of the snow) is that the original owner also built a workshop to one side of it. It had a wobbly, leaky roof, some of the window panes are still broken and the paint colours left a lot to be desired. But still, so cute!

Here's a shot of how it looked when we bought the house four years ago. 


And here it is spruced up with paint that first summer. 


Not finished yet but it certainly looked a lot better.

For ages we agonized over what to do with it, thinking maybe we would demolish it and have more garden. It had a leaky old roof and water was getting in, the interior was mouldy and not very attractive. In the end it would have cost more to demolish than to keep so we put a new roof on it when we replaced the garage roof and Husband cleaned up the inside.  

Then it sat there for a while as we focused on painting the interior of our entire house (not finished, ugh). 

Neko at 11 weeks.

Neko at 11 weeks.

After letting it languish as crappy storage I decided to claim it. We have a very cute backyard and I re-landscaped it at the very beginning of Spring last year. It was time to make use of the shed so we set about painting the interior white. 

We got about half done and then decided to invite trouble into our lives in the form of a German Shepherd. 

Buh-bye to the lovely new garden, forget about the grass and who has time to paint when you have a bitey puppy to train. 

Neko is *ahem* more trained now and spring is doing it's best to kick winter to the curb. My thoughts have returned to the shed. 

Since Neko joined us I have decided to pursue this writing thing more seriously. Why not spend the warmer months writing in the shed? As a kid we had a great shed which my Dad turned into a workshop. When he quit his teaching career he began working from home making 3d pop-up models for architects like this one.  


And so, like father like daughter, I am reinventing myself and creating a space in which to do it. There is something about having a purpose built space in which to work. As a caregiver I am constantly distracted by household duties and struggle to get any real work done. My hope is that a writing shed will help me get over that hurdle. 

As I started pinning images on Pinterest (because all projects begin There, no?) I discovered the trending terms and hashtags for a working shed. 

What may have been a summer house or studio a year ago is now referred to as as she shed, a hen hut or even a lady lair. I mean, wtf?! 

My Feminist gut did a couple of somersaults and flips over this nonsense.  I'm trying to recover from the disgusting feeling that these "silly female" terms gave me and have even caved and used the hashtags because hey, traction. 

But my little shed will be just that. It is storage for our bikes and bbq in the winter months and will emerge like a butterfly each Spring and invite me to spend the longers sunshine hours in there. I am so excited and busting to get going but, alas, Spring 2018 is eluding us. It has snowed a little over the past 24 hours and the ground is still frozen. I can't head out to the shed and use gap filler and primer and lay down a moisture membrane on the floor until it's around 10 degrees outside regularly. I am so freaking impatient!!! 

Hmm, needs some work.

Hmm, needs some work.

A little better.

A little better.

I've done as much as I can in there for now, finished scraping the ancient stained wallpaper off the walls and cleaned it up. I'll share the work as it continues and try to focus on other things in the meantime. I'm having a shot at raising seeds for the first time, trying to get used to this tiny growing season in Toronto and get prepared. 

Now I must wait. And stare at the shed.