It's Time To Embrace

*Originally posted 2/13/17

In 2016 I discovered the wonder that is Taryn Brumfitt


Image via  Here

Image via Here

I had been busy working on my own eating disorder recovery (2 years of weekly therapy and it's not all roses to this day, but so much better) and trying to figure out what to do about the lingering body image issues I was struggling with when Taryn's documentary "Embrace" launched in Australia.

Friends and family members contacted me to tell me how amazing it was, and encouraged me to see it when I could. In the meantime I started delving into the Body Image Movement which Taryn founded online and became completely inspired. Women of all shapes and sizes all around the world who have also been taught to hate the skin they are in have been showing up, making noise and finding salve in each other's stories. Here's the trailer.

I recently had the opportunity to become a Body Image Movement ambassador and it has been an immense pleasure sharing stories with other ambassadors as well as members of the public. In fact, my ambassadorship is the thing which spurred me on to finally writing this blog and sharing my story. If Taryn can bare all (literally and figuratively) then so can I. But don't expect any nude shots of me yet, I'm not ready. Selfies are confronting enough after 30 years of body dysmorphia.

I encourage you to check out the website, subscribe to the blog or follow on IG (seriously worth it to watch her dance moves), consider purchasing Taryn's book and most definitely see the documentary. It has been released already in Australia, NZ and the UK and now it's our turn. North America can watch "Embrace" online as of tomorrow.


I will finally be Embracing with my family on Valentine's Day and am so excited to see this film at last. I know it will bring a lot of meaning to all of us.

Taryn will also be hosting a live Facebook chat after the screening which is super exciting!

If you want to watch too (of course you do) here is the link for more information for your region.


I'd love to hear from you if you get a chance to check out the film. If you have a hot date for V's Day (lucky you!) then you can tune in on another night, there are several events throughout North America over the coming weeks while Taryn is in our hemisphere.

If, like me, you have always struggled to love yourself then maybe this will be the helping hand you have always needed. We can share our pain and silliness without shame.

Don't we all want to give less shits?!

It's time to Embrace.