Meet jen

Hi there!

Let's be honest. 

None of us like writing an about page. It feels clunky and awkward and can feel like a sales pitch. Having said that, let's just dive in and get to know one another.  Me first...

I am an Australian in my 40s now residing in Toronto, Canada. I am married (to a man, feels like that needs clarification these days which, yay) and have a teenage daughter, a teenage German Shepherd and two grumpy/adorable/lazy black cats.

I studied Theatre Arts at university but didn't graduate due to health reasons (all that fun stuff will feature heavily in the blog itself so we don't need to get bogged down with it now) and worked as a theatre director. There was also a lot of retail management, staff training and visual merchandising happening at the same time for, you know, money.

Fast forward to meeting my guy, getting hitched and having a kid in my early 30s. We decided that I would work solely as a Mother whilst we did some expatting in Brazil and Canada. Upon returning to Oz I began a handmade business making and selling dolls and toys. I later brought this company, Pikelet Workshop, back with me to Canada and continued with it until recently when I decided that ten years of making toys was enough.

Through my time working with the handmade community in and around Toronto I have made some incredible friendships and found myself drawing on old theatre skills as I helped to organise various craft shows and events. I have come to understand that a need for both solitude and connection, often combined with mental health issues, is what has brought us all together in this industry and I find that fascinating. I want to write about the challenges we all face to achieve our goals and encourage people to open up about their struggles. Too often we find ourselves portraying our lives in a certain shiny way and I really think it does all of us a disservice on many levels.

As my kid grows I plan to write about what it means to be a woman, how to best raise a young woman in this tricky online age and reflect on my own journey to date. I will overshare on many, many topics including eating disorders, body image and feminism. In these pages you'll also see my need and deep passion for colour. I must have it around me at all times and I hope you'll discover some new designers and artists as I share those I love.

Oh, and I'll also bring you some crafty fun ideas to work on at home as we strive together to become a stronger, more honest women surrounded by and supporting other strong, empathic and very capable, cool women.

Let's do this!

Me and my Dad.

Me and my Dad.